February 26, 2018

Review: Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Title: Surprise Me
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Dial Press
Release date: February 13th 2018
Source: Netgalley
Format: eARC

Rating: 3.5/5

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After being together for ten years, Sylvie and Dan have all the trimmings of a happy life and marriage; they have a comfortable home, fulfilling jobs, beautiful twin girls, and communicate so seamlessly, they finish each other's sentences. However, a trip to the doctor projects they will live another 68 years together and panic sets in. They never expected "until death do us part" to mean seven decades.

In the name of marriage survival, they quickly concoct a plan to keep their relationship fresh and exciting: they will create little surprises for each other so that their (extended) years together will never become boring. But in their pursuit to execute Project Surprise Me, mishaps arise and secrets are uncovered that start to threaten the very foundation of their unshakable bond. When a scandal from the past is revealed that question some important untold truths, they begin to wonder if they ever really knew each other after all.

This is the fourth book I´ve read from this author and it's different from her previous books that I´ve read, but in the end I did enjoyed it, it's very funny.

Surprise Me is about Sylvie and Dan, a couple that had been together for ten years, have been married for seven years and have five-year-old twins, they have a comfortable life and Sylvie considers that they have good communication as a couple and nothing can be better among them. Until they both go for an annual check-up and the doctor informs them that because of their good eating habits, that they exercise and that there are no hereditary diseases in the family, they have a life prospect of 68 years together, something that instead to cheer up them up, overwhelmed them, certainly when they decided to get married they did not think they would live for so many years, what will they do to keep their relationship for so many years?. Due to this question Sylvie decides to implement a project to Surprise Me, in which both will come up with little thing to surprise each other, so that there is novelty in their relationship, but not everything goes as they expect, in fact she begins to have doubts and realize that she does not really know her husband as well as she thought.

Sylvie thinks that their marriage is in the comfortable stage, they coordinate well as a couple, as parents, but once they both start to surprise each other, they begin to have ups and downs in their relationship.

I found it funny and strange that instead of being happy to have a good prospect of life, both begin to worry about being married for so long. It was very funny to see them try to surprise themselves and see that not all the surprises came out as well as they expect.

In the end, Surprise Me is a very funny and charming story, about a marriage that they did not know as well as they thought, they have a lot of misunderstandings and communication problems (without them there would be no plot), but at the end they have a good ending.

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  1. Cute read as usual for Sophie Kinsella with lots of comedic twists and turns. I never miss one of her books!