August 24, 2014

Review: In the End by Demitria Lunetta

Title: In the End (In the After #2)
Author: Demitria Lunetta 
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release date: June 24th 2014
Source: Edelweiss
Format: eARC

Rating: 3/5

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She thought it was the end of the world... But it was only the beginning of the end.

It's been three months since Amy escaped New Hope. Since she's seen Baby, or Kay, or Rice. And she's been surviving on her own, like she did before she was "rescued" and taken to what she thought was a safe haven. Then, in the midst of foraging for supplies, her former fellow Guardian's voice rings out in her earpiece. And in a desperate tone, Kay utters the four words Any had hoped she would never hear:

Dr. Reynolds has Baby.

Now it's a race against time, for Baby is in imminent danger, her life threatened by the malevolent doctor who had helped start the end of the world. In order to save Baby, Amy will have to make her way to Fort Black, a former prison-turned-survivor colony. There she will need to find Ken—Kay's brother—for he holds the key to Baby's survival.

But before she can do any of this, she'll have to endure the darkest places—and people—of the prison. And one small slip-up could not only cost Baby and Amy their lives, but threaten the survival of he people in the After.

Demitria Lunetta has created an utterly compelling conclusion to the story she set forth in In the After. Readers of the Hunger Games trilogy will not be able to pit down this book, which is gripping from beginning to end.

In the End is the second and final book of this duology (I thought it was a trilogy) and although the development of it was good although a bit slow, I feel that the ending was open ended and with some loose ends.

Amy escaped New Hope with Kay´s help and was left near another settlement of known survivors - Fort Black, but Amy didn´t go there to seek refuge, so she has lived the past few months alone, that is until Kay communicates with her ​​and gives her the news that Baby has been captured by Dr. Reynolds and her life is in danger; so she has to go to Fort Black and request the help of Kay's brother - Ken, whom is a scientist and could help her get Baby. Once in Fort Black she discovers that this used to be a prison and many of its  residents were prisoners there and life is not easy there, much less a girl without protection.

I liked the character of Amy in the previous book, because she was cautious, intelligent and stealthy something necessary to live in a post-apocalyptic world, but in this book she was too reckless, impetuous and she exposed herself to great danger in her eagerness to get as soon as possible with Baby (her adopted sister), meanwhile the post-apocalyptic world brings out the worst in people, imagine arriving to live to Fort Black which used to be a prison, where there aren´t many rules and most residents are male. There she meets Jacks a nice guy, her offers to help her and saves her more than once.

Overall, the plot was okay, the main character drove me mad for all the dangerous situations to which she exposed herself, but the plot has plenty of action, some suspense, intrigue and had me doubting the intentions of some of the characters, there is some romance, but I felt a bit slow at times. It has an open ending that was somewhat abrupt.


  1. I'd say while i too was disappointed that this was a duology and not trilogy, i liked it more than you did. I did not like how the ending was so rushed you know, it could have been a lot better and taken its time.

    Aparajita @

  2. I honestly don't think that this series os for me. I hate saying that, but sometimes you just have to say no to some stories. Sad thing, but true!

  3. Ah, I'm a bit worried about this book now! I finished In The After about a month ago but I haven't got round to this one yet. I probably should before I forget what happened in the first book!

  4. I have both the first and the second book of this series but haven't gotten around reading it yet! Idk. Some reviews just made me hesitant to start In The After. I will read it though because it's an ARC. I was so behind schedule already haha

    Marga @

  5. I'm not very happy to hear about the abrupt open ending... I'm not a big fan of open endings per se...
    Thanks for the review!

  6. I am glad to see I am not the only one who felt like this was an abrupt end to things. There should be a third book just to smooth things out with the storyline. I feel sorta wishy washy about it.

  7. Well I didn't read your full review since I still need to read in the After but I am saddened about the loose ends. :(