June 22, 2015

Review: Pure Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Title: Pure Blooded (Jessica McClain #5)
Author: Amanda Carlson
Publisher: Orbit
Release date: June 16th 2015
Source: Netgalley
Format: eARC
Reading level: Ages 18 and up

Rating: 4/5

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Jessica arrives back from the Underworld to find her father embroiled in a battle against the Made wolves. She and her crew drop everything to join them.

Once she arrives, the threat is after her. Jessica is lured into danger when her adversary takes something precious from her. With help from an unlikely source, Jessica goes up against her creator in a battle that will decide the path of everyone involved. She must war against a new set of foes, ones who could not only steal her power, but could take her soul as well.

As I´ve mentioned in my last reviews of this series, Jessica does not rest at all, because this book begins right where the previous ends, this is the fifth book in the series and for Jessica it has been only a few months since she had her first change and becoming the first female werewolf of an all male race. And in just a few months she has managed to amass a great supernatural power that for a few powerful supernatural had take years or centuries to reach such power and that is why all the supernaturals (vampires, witches, sorcerers, demons, gods, etc) want to somehow get her power, so this new adventure is no exception, as she is drawn to the swamps of Florida to help her father but once there she learns the real reason of why it was necessary for her to go to that place.

I feel the plot and is getting a bit repetitive, because in the first part of the book someone wants to steal Jessica´s power, something that has happened in last books, it just change the threat and how they try to achieve the stealing of power. The good thing about this book was that such threat was not a threat throughout all the book, because the problem is solved at the 60% (approx.) of the book and then she has to face another threat and at least this person doesn´t want her power, she just wants kill her for something that Jessica did while she was in the underworld, so it´s simple and pure revenge.

So far in all the books Daniel Walker had been the funny guy, he´s a werewolf friend of Jessica, he eases the tension on the dangerous situations and he´s one of my favorite characters in the series. And regarding the action in Pure Blooded, it has a very good action scenes due to Jessica facing various threats, with the help of some of her friends.

About the romance between Jessica and her mate Rourke, due that they´re constantly under attack, their romance is not moving forward beyond that are a fated mates and they can be together as a couple for brief moments when the situation allows it (which is to be expected in an urban fantasy book). But a plus in this book was that another destined-couple than on the previous books were sort of flirting finally become a real couple, and there is also a hint of another possible fated couple for subsequent books.

And something very interesting is that we get to learn a bit more of the origin of werewolves.

Jessica McClain series is a very good option for those that like reading urban fantasy for adults as it has a lot of action that does not stop and the threats rain from all sides and it has a strong female character, ready to kick butt when situation allows it.
The ending was open, but without a cliffhanger, in fact I feel I missed some pages because I was reading its on my kindle and it finished at 92%, but I really enjoy it!.I'm looking forward to the next book.

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