June 8, 2012

Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren

Title: Glamorous Illusions (Grand Tour series #1)
Author: Lisa T. Bergren
Publisher: David C. Cook
Release date: June 1st, 2012

Rating: 4/5

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When Cora Kensington learns she is the illegitimate daughter of a copper king, her life changes forever. Even as she explores Europe with her new family, she discovers that the most valuable journey is within. The first book in the Grand Tour series takes you from the farms of Montana through England and France on an adventure of forgiveness, spiritual awakening, and self-discovery.
I loved Glamorous Illusions! This is the first book that I´ve read by Lisa T. Bergren, but I´ve read good reviews about the River of Time series (another novels by this author) this coupled with the cover that I loved was what decide me to read this book.

The takes place in Montana 1913, Cora just returned home for the summer from normal school when she´s studying to be a teacher. There she found out that things aren´t going well at home and the family is almost in bankrupt. At this point Wallace Kensignton enters the life of Cora, and her mother tells her that she´s the illegitimate daughter of Mr. Kensington. He offer her to send Cora abroad to take the Grand Tour, that last all the summer,  pay for her tuition  and help her parents.

Twenty year-old Cora is sent to Europe with her half-siblings, other family and their guides Stuart and William the young apprentice. She´s a young woman who knew her place in the world and her goals but now her circumstances have changed and she finds herself in a world unknown to her, she don´t get along well with her companions and in this trip she is in a journey to rediscover herself. Williams is a handsome young man who is interested in Cora but is forbidden flirtation between guides and their charge, so he approaches her only as a friend even though he starts to have feelings for her.

I really loved Glamorous Illusions and can't wait for the next one.

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  1. I also really enjoyed this book! I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. Can't wait to see what happens next and if Pierre will be meeting them on the next tour stop ^^

  2. I love Lisa T. Bergren's River of Time series! I'm looking forward to reading this book, too.

  3. I have heard fantastic things about the River of Times series, but I haven't read it yet. It sounds like something that I would enjoy, though. I am not so sure about this one, but I may very well like it. I enjoyed your review!