February 7, 2013

Book Cover Battle #35

This section or meme is call Book Cover Battle, the first time I saw it was at Books Passion for Life as UK vs US  and  Bookaholics book club as UK vs The World but because I don´t live in the UK, I can´t name it that way, so for now is Book Cover Battle .

This week book cover battle is

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
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US (Hardback)                                 US (Paperback)

UK                                                   Spain

France                                               Finland

      Brazil                                              Czech Republic

     Italy                                               Germany

Norway                                            Serbia

Turkey                                                  Chinese

I like several of these book covers, I like the US hardcover for being red and simple (I have always been very drawn to red book covers), I also like the US paperback and the French cover; but my favorites are the Chinese and Serbian book covers.

What do you think? Which is your favorite? 


  1. you read my mind, the Serbian and Chinese covers were the ones that attracted my attention the most!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. To be honest, my favorites are the Chinese and Serbian ones, too. Both of them were the most attractive and least childish, imo.

  3. The Brazilian one looks cool too.