January 25, 2013

Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder

Title: Scent of Magic (Healer #2)
Author: Maria V. Snyder
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Release date: December 18th 2012
Source: Netgalley
Format: egalley

Rating: 5/5

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**Contains spoilers if you haven´t read Touch of Power**

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Hunted, Killed—Survived?

As the last Healer in the Fifteen Realms, Avry of Kazan is in a unique position: in the minds of her friends and foes alike, she no longer exists. Despite her need to prevent the megalomanical King Tohon from winning control of the Realms, Avry is also determined to find her sister and repair their estrangement. And she must do it alone, as Kerrick, her partner and sole confident, returns to Alga to summon his country into battle.

Though she should be in hiding, Avry will do whatever she can to support Tohon’s opponents. Including infiltrating a holy army, evading magic sniffers, teaching forest skills to soldiers and figuring out how to stop Tohon’s most horrible creations yet; an army of the walking dead—human and animal alike and nearly impossible to defeat.

War is coming and Avry is alone. Unless she figures out how to do the impossible ... again.

Scent of Magic begins shortly after the events of Touch of Magic, so I almost had a heart attack or something, when I realize that after all that happen in the previous book and finally Avry and Kerrick admitted their feelings for each other and are together as a couple, Avry decides not to follow Kerrick to Ivdel, where they´re supposed to join with the rest of the group. At that moment I thought that I might not like this book as much as Touch of Power because Kerrick was going to be absent for the rest of the story, and I finally liked Kerrick's character, so I was kind of sad for a couple of minutes until I found that each chapter is divided into two parts, one is Avry´s POV and another small part of the chapter is from Kerrick´s POV (.... yes!). So although the two characters are separated at the beginning of the story, because Kerrick has to travel to Ivdel to meet with Prince Ryne, and Avry decides to stay on this side of the Nine Mountains and has her own secret mission, I loved this book.

Scent of Magic is AMAZING! in this book I felt the story was more fast paced, because we already "know" the world of the Fifteen Realms, so the plot moves faster and there are more action and intrigue than its predecessor; is a great second book.

Scent of Magic is a book worth reading, definitely a must read, its characters are wonderful, with a strong independent female character, she´s very smart and with a strong male character, he´s headstrong, a leader (although he doesn´t want to be a leader) and I´m thankful for his POV because I got to know him a little bit more. And as I said on my review of Touch of Power, the villain is excellent he´s really crazy, but I loved him, he's one of my favorite villains. I recommend this book for every epic fantasy lover.

Now, I´m looking forward to the next book, Taste of Death.

I want to thank Harlequin Mira and Netgalley for this review copy.

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  1. I haven't read the first book but this sounds like a good one. I like how the couples seems very strong-willed and not too dependent on each other.

  2. I love this series too. Well, Maria in general. Great review and glad you enjoyed.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. On my Kindle just wait! Awesome series so far though not fond of alternating POVs.

  4. I haven't read this series yet, but have heard a few good things about it. Thanks for your review!

  5. I really must read book 1 so that I can get to this little beauty. I haven't read anything by this author, but I think I might need to start fast. Thanks for the great review!

  6. I wasn't sure about this one when I heard they were seperated in this book... but I'm glad I read your review I'll be moving this up the list. Thanks for the review!

  7. Rubbing hands together here and really looking forward to this one! Thank you for sharing with us today, I am glad it was enjoyable and gives me something to look forward to. Love the author :)

  8. First of all, Scent of Magic is an awesome title. Second, there is some cover love going on, and the designer in me is squealing over that font. And then I see the 5/5 rating. This is going on my to-read list (I guess I should look at the prequel first. I'll review that one tomorrow! haha). Thank you!

  9. LOVEEEDDD THIS BOOK!! (Especially the undercover-military scenes) :)