May 6, 2013

Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

Title: Let the Sky Fall (Let the Sky Fall #1)
Author: Shannon Messenger
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release date: March 5th 2013

Rating: 4/5

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Seventeen-year-old Vane Weston has no idea how he survived the category five tornado that killed his parents. And he has no idea if the beautiful, dark-haired girl who’s swept through his dreams every night since the storm is real. But he hopes she is.

Seventeen-year-old Audra is a sylph, an air elemental. She walks on the wind, can translate its alluring songs, and can even coax it into a weapon with a simple string of commands. She’s also a guardian—Vane’s guardian—and has sworn an oath to protect Vane at all costs. Even if it means sacrificing her own life.

When a hasty mistake reveals their location to the enemy who murdered both of their families, Audra’s forced to help Vane remember who he is. He has a power to claim—the secret language of the West Wind, which only he can understand. But unlocking his heritage will also unlock the memory Audra needs him to forget. And their greatest danger is not the warriors coming to destroy them—but the forbidden romance that’s grown between them.

I like variety in books, so when I realized that this book was about Sylphs a mythological creature that I did not know, I decided to take a chance on this story.

The story is told from the point of view of Vane and Audra, alternating between them. Vane is a seventeen year-old guy, he survived a tornado Category 5 when he was only 8 years old and was orphaned, and the worst part is that he has no memory of what happened before the tornado, he doesn´t remembers his parents, he only know what others have told him, all he can remember is a girl crying during the tornado, but then she disappears before his eyes and this girl has haunted him his entire life to the point that he dream her almost every day, but she is not frozen in time, she had been growing along with him ..... and she is literally the girl of his dreams and he is unable to care for another girl in the real world, in fact all his dates with other girls had been disastrous to the point that he thinks that he has some kind of curse, because he never gets a second date and not because he´s unattractive... he is a very attractive guy, but because in all his dates rare events always happen that ruin them. Vane is sarcastic, very sure of himself and something that struck me as odd is that sometimes he speaks of himself in third person.

On the other hand we have Audra, she is a sylph whose mission is to be the guardian of Vane and keep him safe, but he doesn´t have to  know about her existence because that could complicate things. She lives haunted by something that happened when she was little and feels that this mission can redeem her a bit and is willing to do anything to keep him safe.

I really liked Let the Sky Fall, even though I didn´t liked some things and I felt it a little slow, but overall I like  it, because is different, has good action scenes, has its funny moments, a forbidden romance and some interesting twists in the plot. I can not wait to read the next book and read more about the sylphs.

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  1. ooh I've always wanted to read this and a ton of people loved it. It does sound very unique and different!

    great review,
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. Love that cover and this sounds interesting. Great review. Very honest. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  3. Cool review. First of all I love the cover. I like that the girl has this element power; that and the romance makes a good book. ;)

  4. I love the idea behind this one, and the cover is absolutely stunning. I will no doubt be reading this one as soon as I can, because it is sitting on my Kindle and I don't know how long I will be able to wait. It just sounds too good!

  5. I love the idea behind this one, and the cover is absolutely stunning. I will no doubt be reading this one as soon as I can, because it is sitting on my Kindle and I don't know how long I will be able to wait. It just sounds too good!

  6. The story sounds really interesting. It intriguing me. Reading your review, I can't wait to read it myself.
    Thanks for the review :)

  7. I love the Sylph concept! It is on my shelf now... MUST READ SOON!

  8. Hmm, Well I am not familiar with Sylph but I too like mythical creatures. However the trailer does seem to back your comment about it being slow. I might look into this but I don't see it as a rush to read. Great review!

  9. I've never heard of Sylphs before but this sounds interesting, thanks for the review!

  10. Saw this in our local bookstore and fell in love with the synopsis. I love mythology~! (Except for the romance part though since Ive grown pretty tired with all these forbidden romance charade) Teehee